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Seated Title certificate

"My wife and had the pleasure of using your service about two years ago and have not looked back since. Things certainly have been different for us since we established our new Titles, thank you for your wonderful service."
L.B. UK - March 2003

"Wonderful, Brilliant.....what a service, I am so impressed, you have made my year!!
Thank you
N.H. UK - February 2003

Seated Titles - The Titles of Lord and Lady

We are now able to offer our Worldwide clients the opportunity to become Lord & Lady of a prestigious UK location by way of very prestigious "seated" Titles, that is "with land attached". Click here to see the Titles available

Lord Andrew Bulpin of Copythorne and  Dartmouth has for current acquisition the Titles of Lord and/or Lady which are Seated Titles. That is, they include therewith a named area of land - the purchasers of which will legally be entitled to call themselves Lord and Lady of.. the named land parcel purchased.

For example, if Mr and Mrs Brown were to purchase land from Lord Andrew entitled "Westminster" then they would be legally entitled to call themselves and be known as Lord and Lady Brown of Westminster with all the social and commercial benefits this would undoubtedly bring.

We are certain that such prestigious Titles as listed will prove to be much sought after and cosseted by people, not just in the UK but indeed, the World over. Titles/Land parcels are strictly limited and will be sold on a "first come first served" basis. Reserve your Title without delay.

We have negotiated a very favourable price which realistically reflects the tremendous value and prestige offered by these Seated Titles.

The purchase price of these prestigious Lord and /or Lady Titles is just GBP995 (nine hundred and ninety five pounds only) - Convert Currency - and is all inclusive with no other fees or monies to pay whatsoever and covers:

  • The cost of the land itself
  • All Land Registry Fees and Title Registration Fees
  • All the legal costs in transfer of ownership of the land
  • Preparation of all Title documentation
  • Worldwide delivery of all documents

Any of our Titles with ANY place name!

Just £995!

See the Document Package HERE.



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