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"Recieved all documents in tact, thank you so much, very impressive. In process of changing my legal documents. I recomend your company to anyone in this world, It has been a pleasure doing buisness with you."
kind regards,
I.A. - Australia

Today I received the (seated) title certificates ..... The quickness and efficiency of your service is amazing!
The end result in presentation is dazzling. I am very grateful to you for all your help and assistance.
I am obliged. Should I be of any help to you please let me know.
All good wishes,
B. - UK

"Elite are a fantastic company who are only too willing to help their customers. Throughout the whole process of acquiring a Title, Andrew has been most helpful, answering countless emails. Well done Andrew and Elite!"
Happy Customer, New Zealand

We would be delighted to serve you!

I. That parcel of land as identified within the application form (hereinafter called 'the land') forms part of the freehold estate owned by Lord Andrew Bulpin  of Copythorne and  Dartmouth (hereinafter called 'the Vendor') and is situated in Dartmouth, Devon, UK.

II. The vendor sells as Beneficial Owner with full Title guarantee with the land being free from any adverse notices, legal charge or other loan secured against it and with no covenants being attached thereto.

III. To submit an offer to purchase the land the applicant (here in after called 'the Purchaser') shall complete and send to: MBC (hereinafter called the 'Purchaser's legal representatives') the completed Application form along with the full purchase price as stated within that form. UK clients are asked to make cheques payable to MBC. Overseas clients are asked to make payment by an International Money Order payable in £ Sterling made payable to MBC. The vendor's legal representatives shall hold this money as agents.

IV. However, no legal contract shall be deemed to exist between the Purchaser and Vendor at this point as the offer to purchase the land is subject to Vendor's acceptance of this offer - for it must be understood that Titles/Land parcels are strictly limited and the Vendor's acceptance of the Purchaser's offer is subject to the specific Titles/Land parcel being still available.

V. If the land specified is still available the Vendor's legal representatives shall so confirm this in writing within 14 days of receipt of the application form and a legal contract shall exist from the time of posting of this letter of confirmation. If the land specified is no longer available the Vendor's legal representatives shall return the Purchaser's unprocessed cheque (International Money Order) within the same time limit.

VI. Given that the land specified is available, and after so informing the Purchaser, the Vendor's legal representatives shall then act for the Purchaser in the transfer of ownership of the land and the facilitating of the personal Titles (Lord & Lady). No additional charge will be made for these services.

VII. Upon completing the transfer of ownership of the land and the execution of the Title documentation (which should take some 4-6 weeks) the Vendor's legal representatives shall send the executed Land Registry Certificate and personal Title Documentation and Certification directly to the Purchaser - at the same time releasing the remainder of the monies held to the Vendor.

VIII. To be clear and specific: The fee, as set forth in the Application for Title is all inclusive with no other fees or monies to pay whatsoever and covers: the cost of the land itself, all Land Registry Fees, Title Registration fees, all our legal costs in the transfer of ownership of the land and in the preparation of all Title Documentation.

IX. Purchasers must be 18 years old or over.

Please save/print these Terms and Conditions for future reference

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