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An ideal gift for a loved one.

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We have been selling Titles since 1998

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Hello! I recently purchased one of your elite titles, and I love it!
Duchess - USA - March 2014

Hi Andrew, She loved it, was gob smacked
Thank You, M. - UK March 2014

Hi Andrew how r u thank you so much for your prompt action we received the land papers today we couldn't be more thrilled.
best kind regards, Lady L - Australia - December 2013

Dear Lord Andrew, Please accept my apologies for not having had the chance to thank you for the lovely package which arrived by post around two weeks ago. All is in good order, quite spectacular in fact, and I look forward to collaborating with you again in future. My darling little Lord will be given his certificate as a special gift on his first Christmas!
God bless, Duchess C - Canada - November 2013

Hi Andrew, just to let you know my title is now on everything bank looked at the title they said its looking good how did you manage to get your title so I showed all the paper work so my bank sent me out 3 new check books with my title im over the moon thanks to you guy's that work with Elites title 1st class.
Sir R - UK - October 2013

Thank you so much received all the paperwork and its brilliant... He's gonna love it!
Thanks again, M - UK - September 2013

Hello greetings Andrew, I would like to thank you and apologize for the delay receives Title in March this year, the papers are wonderful and I feel a real noble, ...thanks again.
Baron B - Brazil - September 2013

Andrew:Just received both paqckets. In their usual efforts the US Postal Service found a circuitous way to send one directly to us and the other took the grand tour making about 5 stops along the way. Needless to say, we are incredibly pleased with your service and will relish our new titles. You perform a spectacular service and I greatly appreciate the fact that you personally attend to all the correspondence and respond so quickly. This was indeed a lovely find for us and we will of course recommend your services highly to anyone who might have any interest. Respectfully
Earl and Countess - USA - August 2013

Dear Andrew, I want to express my gratitude for the superb service you have provided. My Title deeds and Land registry documents have arrived and I thank you for your professionalism and quality of documentation. I will certainly be coming back to you for further custom in the next months. Best regards,
Prof. M - Italy - August 2013

Greetings Andrew, The parcel arrived on this past Monday and as before, your kindness and business etiquette are above par and the deepest gratitude is extended! The service that your company performs is without a doubt magnificent and it is a joy to always communicate with you… Thank you again so much for all that you do!!!
Lord H - USA - April 2013

I have received my seated title and it looks fantastic very good craftsman ship. I can't wait to place some more orders with you. On another note I have never been able to get Simon so I am still waiting on my UEC membership package. I do very much appreciate doing business with you now and in the future. Thank you,
Duke J - USA - March 2013

Hey Andrew, I recieved all the documents. It looks verry good and i will thank you for the great service and the time you had for me. I am verry happy with it. Thank you for everything! Greetings,
Prince M - Netherlands - March 2013

Hi Andrew, I hope you had a very festive Christmas. Just like to say a big thank you as the documentation arrived all in good order and my wife was frilled to bits with it, she got to open it on Christmas morning, and now keeps on referring to me as LORD ... and herself as LADY ... in all or conversations. Again thanks also for your prompt reply on Christmas Eve it was much appreciated. Take care and have a Happy and prosperous New Year. All the best
Lord H - UK - December 2012


Dear Sir, Several years ago I purchased a title from yourselves. As you say, it is the best two hundred pounds I have ever spent. I managed to get it onto my driving licence but never made an effort to have it put onto other documentation..... my Lordship made a fantastic holiday for the children when we took them to disney...

Kind regards Lord J - UK - September 2012

Hi Andrew, Just to let you know that all (replacement Deeds) arrived this morning safe and well, many thanks to you, we are truly grateful. The service and expertise received from yourself and "Elite Titles" has been second to none, no dramas or problems just great value and professional service from start to finish. I can honestly say that, on that day 10 years or so ago when i first read about "Elite Titles" in the paper and contacted you for the first time, you instantly banished any doubts i may have had. Obtaining our seated titles from "Elite Titles" has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. If any of your customers ever read this and are wondering "should they go for it", take it from me you will not REGRET IT. Very Best Wishes to you and Elite.

Regards G - UK - August 2012

I recieved the papers yesterday. Thanks for the fast response. They look wonderful!

CC - Australia - July 2012

Hi, thanks very much, my mother loved her new "Duchess" title. It was a great night. And all delivered on time. Cheers.

CD - UK - January 2012

I did indeed receive the titles for myself and my daughter Thank-you very much.... I will check and see if the refund is shown for ordering 2 titles..And again I thank-you..such a unique gift for my daughter..

Lady JF - USA - November 2011

Thank you Andrew, First of all, I would like to say you 'Thank you so much' for the service, and I certainty delighted with this outcome ! When I call for customer service, they do give me some special respect - which is such an amazing happening. Now I've changed all my bank,personal details and some of official documents without any problem - no more worries on it ha ha.

Viscount L - Australia - November 2011

Hi there, thanks again for my title. It's really good. Got great seats on flight going to oz showed the the ticket got 1st class seat cant get better than that...

all the best for Christmas... Sir RM - UK - November 2011

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the superb service you have provided. The documents have arrived and my father, who I got this for as a 70th birthday gify, was over the moon!... Your service has exceeded my expectaions.

Many thanks! - DS - UK October 2011

Dear Andrew, I am delighted with everything you sent, it is far beyond anything I expected.

D.A. - UK - September 2011

Thank you for all your help we did receive ours and they look very professional.

Thank you. - JB - USA - June 2011

Just to let you know that my Title deeds and Land registry documents have now arrived, I really have to say that I am totally thrilled with the presentation and every aspect of it all. I'm now looking forward to using my title and seeing the reactions that I get when I present myself. I can now set about the task of getting my title changed with the bank and passport etc and also getting that fantastic looking certificate framed and mounted. May I take this opportunity to thank you so very much for all your help, excellent service and professionalism at all times regarding my application, I am truly grateful.

Yours Sincerely - DG - UK - May 2011

Hi Andrew,
Just to let you know that the documents arrived today. Apologies for having to get a second lot sent. I am very happy with the documents, they look terrific and very professional. I will recommend your company to all my friends, and I have also been extremley impressed with your professionalism and excellent service. Thankyou. Please feel free to place my comments on your Website also.
Kind regards, D. - Australia - March 2011

Title recieved this morning... MANY MANY thanks. You are an asset to your company!
M. - UK - Feb 2011

Thank you Andrew,
everything is wonderful, great quality documentation, fantastic and efficient service. Both xxx and xxx (banks) have already updated my credentials and I look forward to the advantages and prestige I know my title will bring.
Regards, K. - UK - Sept 2010


Dear Andrew,
I've received my title two days ago and I must say that it's fabulous! Thank you so much! The 200,00£ better spent ever! thank you again!
Warmest Regards, L. - Italy - July 2010

I forgot to tell you, when coming home from Thailand - Bangkok to London, July, they upgraded my seat to first class at no extra charge, I really was treated like.... Sir M.
Regards, Sir M - UK - June 2010

Hi Andrew
The title deeds and land registry documents have arrived. Thank you most impressed
regards, Lord K - UK - June 2010

Good morning Andrew,
Just a quick note to thank you for your most excellent service and professionalism. I received the effective title deeds for my father this morning and am very happy with the promised mailing date, presentation and overall quality of the documents. Thank you again, I will certainly be coming back to you for further custom in the near future.
With regards, NW - UK - May 2010

I just returned from a visit to the UK where I collected my replacement documentation that you sent to my father address. Thank you very much for again an excellent service.
Best regards, IM - March 2010

Dear Andrew !
All the papers well received, and in good order. It turn out exactly the way we wanted it to be ! Thank You for your help !
Best Regards, JE - Sweden - March 2010

l would like to say a big thank you. my wife has now starting to get use to her new title. it was good that we had them before xmas too. so once again a big thank you.
Lord & Lady B - 28 Dec 2009

Hi Andrew,
Many thanks for your prompt and business like service. We are over the moon with the title .... Many thanks again, I wish you a happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
kind regards, S - UK Dec 2009

Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts.Everything arrived safely and my brother is now luxuriating in using the title Lord.... much to my amusement. Many thanks for all your help and I shall be sure to pass on your contact details to as many people as possible and push business your way.
Thanks, again, G. - UK Nov 2009

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the excellent service you have given. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.
Kindest Regards, C - UK, October 2009

Dear Andrew
I trust this message greets you well on your return from holidays. I received my titled Lordship (Seated) today. Words cannot adequately express my feelings. However you deserve 5 "A"s for them AMAZING - ADMIRABLE - ALLURING - Totally APPROPRIATE and APPRECIATED
Thank you
Lord M - Asia, May 2009

The (Seated) title has been a great investment, and well worth the cost, I have used it in business and in my travels.
Lord W - May 2009

Just to let you know that the title package arrived this morning and I am delighted with the presentation and how it looks. I shall have great fun presenting this to my American friends who I am sure will immediately get delusions of grandeur and impressions of being “Brits”. It’s sometimes difficult being the only Englishman in an organization surrounded by Yanks.
Many thanks,
J - USA, Feb 2009


"Thank you for the beautiful Titles, sorry it took so long to tell you. My husband and I will be upgrading soon to Seated. In the meantime, let me update you on my never-ending genealogy research....

In 2007, my research led me to an American Revolutionary connection that enabled me to join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). Yet, there was still a yearning that can only be described as a burning, longing to dig deeper in search of my true origins.

Throughout my lifetime - I have been “plagued” with the burdening question - who am I? This, in and of itself, has always struck me as odd, because who I am is supposed to be the person I see every morning in the mirror. Right? Wrong! An unknown genetic heritage was screaming to be discovered. Now, through the miracle of Genetic testing this is possible. At last, I know that I am not crazy! These high and mighty feelings I have harbored my entire life are not just the results of maniacal daydreaming fantasies.

Earlier this year (2008) I decided to get involved with genetic testing through Mitochondria DNA. When the results came in at last I had the answer. Now I understand the feelings NOT my own YET my own. As it turns out I am a descendant of Marie Antoinette, and of course of her mother, Empress Maria Theressa - and a slew of other Royals too numerous to name.

However, when DNA testing confirmed my inner feelings - it opened the doors to so many unexplained questions, like: Is the connection merely genetic, or is reincarnation a factor - since I have many thoughts, memories and longings of another time and life? Or, is it simply - Genetic Memory? And, last but not least - So, OK, reincarnation or genetic memory or both - why am I here, and what am I to do? Is it payback time - or pay-it-forward time? I honestly do not know - but I am determined to find out through whatever medium necessary - and will keep you posted.

Thanks again for everything!
Lady T - USA - Nov 2008

Dear Sir
I recently purchased a title for myself and my wife, your service in that instance was second to none.
We are now thinking of converting these titles to seated titles, can you please advise how we would do this,
And what would be the cost. Yours sincerely,

Lord J. - UK -Aug 2008


Thanks again for the excellent service, for going the extra mile, and for understanding the sense of urgency. It has been refreshing dealing with you. ...Just received the certificate of title and.... I am breathless. It is beautiful and so much more than I was expecting, thank you.
Lord C - Dec 2007 - USA

Greetings Andrew !
Just wanted to take the opportunity of e-mailing you just to keep you posted on whats happening! 3 years down the line the Lord Title is still proving great fun! To finish the title off I found the perfect car number plate ... Thank you again for everything you did back in February & June of 2002 !
Best wishes again
B. (Lord) - July 2007 - GB

We received our titles this morning, what an excellent service (3 days fantastic). I cant put into words the expertise and professionalism you have shown to us as clients Not to mention the excellent production of the documentation, my husband will be in awe when he is presented with his title. Once again thankyou so much, it a pleasure doing business with you, i will be recommending your services to all my family, friends and colleagues.
Kind Regards
Lady L - June 2007 - GB

Dear Elite titles,
Thank you so much for your impressive service. I found your company to be extremely efficient. I purchased the titles of Lord and Lady for my husband and I as a Christmas gift and am now counting the days until I can present it to him, I have no doubt he will love it. After all what do you buy or the man who has everything?
Yours Sincerely
F. - November 2006 - UK

I have been most remiss, in dispatching this memorandum to you. I should surely like to express my appreciation and satisfaction with your entire process in obtaining my Title and land. On numerous occasions, in contacting you, regarding some questions about the Title, you answered promptly and courteously. Today in business, it is rare to find an organization that takes the care that you do with your patrons. Appreciate your attention to detail and your courteousness. Trust that your business will thrive. Hope to meet you in person. Thank you again, and talk to you soon.
With warmest regards
Duke of xxxx - October 2006 - USA

Dear Andrew,
Please forgive the extended delay in writing to you, a few health problems have plagued me since our last communication. I have recieved all documentation from yourself and cannot thankyou enough. I hope all is ok. I have just gained access to the internet and looked at your website as i have never seen it before and its just like your service 'Impressive'.
Kindest Regards
Lord P - October 2006 - UK

Hi Andrew
We were in touch some time ago. I just wanted to let you know that my Mum is enjoying her title very much, although isn't very good at making up an impressive story when asked how she became a lady. I personally think etiquettely one should never ask but anyway.. I'm writing to let you know that one of my clients... was very interested in your services as I was telling her about it on Saturday. I have passed on to her your email and webaddress so hopefully she'll get in touch.
Kind Regards
B - May 2006 - UK

Hi there,
I think you might like to follow our latest trip to Georgia. Upgrades are the best part of the title. Gatwick, On the courtesy buggie. "Just a couple of security questions my lord". Referring to my travelling with a Claymore. It was delivered. Before the title I lost a nail file!! Booking the return journey. " We rarely get Royalty through Atlanta Sir", "There are a lot of noisy passengers at the back today I am going to upgrade you, have a nice day!"
Good stuff.
Count B. - May 2006 - UK

Hi Andrew,
I just got my documents in the mail and I have to say I'm very, very happy. The idea of spending £200 on something like this was a little worrying but the service is second to non. I'm already changing my details with some of the groups I have links with and I have to say the reaction is great.
Many thanks to all of you.
"L" (LORD) - Feb 2006 - UK

I've enjoyed my Lord title now for over a year, and everything worked out fine with the Foreign Commonwealth Office during the issue of my new UK passport, while living overseas. I have really received perfect service everywhere! Airplane bookings from budget-class to business class, hotels giving complimentary stays, and even very respectful treatment from all local and international authorities. So a great big thank you!
Lord A - Jan 2006 - Finland

My new title documents arrived today. Thank you for an efficient and professional service it was very much appreciated.
Viscount A - Jan 2006 UK

"FANTASTIC!" That is a basic description of the service and quality provided by Elite Titles, I can't believe the speed of delivery and the sheer Quality of documents provided, something that I would expect to pay more for! The reaction of those in person and over the phone when they see your title is surreal and it's unbelievable how well you are treated! A Massive thank you goes out to Andrew for his excellent customer service as if it wasn't for him I would still own a coffee stained Deed. Once again thank you for your outstanding service!
Sir RW - August 2005 - UK

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the package containing our Lord and Ladyship titles. i was most impressed with the speed and quality of your service, it has already changed our lives. thank you once again.
Yours, Lord G and Lady J - August 2005 - UK

Thank you so much for the title. I received it today and still cannot believe the contents of the parcel. I am in shock. I look at my name and suddenly felt a great sense of pride. Thank you once again, you have certainly changed my life. Today marks the beginning of a new life and new me.
Yours, Lady S - April 2005 - UK

Just wanted to let you know that I received the package this morning!! I am just thrilled with the certificates and relating paperwork. Thank you so very much!!!!
Warmest regards, T - April 2005 - USA

Just wanted to email about your fantastic service. I received my documents in less than 7 days. I must say I was dubious and wondered if I was wasting £200 but I have just received my new passport in the name of Lady H I had no problems at all .... It was so funny when I changed my name on the car insurance she repeatedly called me ma-am, my family couldn't stop laughing after.
Thanks again, Lady H - Feb 2005 - UK

In Sept 2003 one recived my title of Viscount now a few years on I work behind the scenes in local politics and the respect from councillors MP's and members of the general public is out standing. I've never been treated like this before,One has attended events and partys with lords and MP's. I would recomend this title serve to anyone.
Thank you, Viscount B - Feb 2005 - UK

"I purchased a pair of titles from you, as my wedding gift to myself and my wife, in 1999......The titles have been great fun and the face of the policeman, on seeing my licence, who stopped me for speeding was a picture." Lord and Lady B.- Scotland - Aug 2004

"Many thanks for acting on our behalf regarding the purchase of the Titles of Lord and Lady.... of ..... We are absolutely delighted with them and impressed with the speed with which you have conducted this matter. I had read the Testimonials on your website and had felt that we would be dealing wit a true professional company, and am pleased to say you live up to your Testimonials. Thank you so much."
Lord F - March 2004 - UK

"This is one of the most beautiful moment of my whole entire life that I would like to thank you all for your very Honourable and Noble work in providing this awesome service. I am very surprised to see some unexpected reactions from my friends towards my new status. I've made some new good friends but not bad ones.I have been respected from others. Once again I thank you all from my honourable heart. Keep up the good work and God bless."
Lord A - March 2004 - New Zealand

"I had the pleasure of purchasing my title from you some time ago and it has provided an enormous amount of fun and use ever since."
Lord B - April 2004 - UK

"Many thanks for acting on our behalf regarding the purchase of the Titles of Lord and Lady.... of .....  We are absolutely delighted with them and impressed with the speed with which you have conducted this matter.  I had read the Testimonials on your website and had felt that we would be dealing wit a true professional company, and am pleased to say you live up to your Testimonials.  Thank you so much."
Lord F - March 2005 - UK

"This is one of the most beautiful moment of my whole entire life that I would like to thank you all for your very Honourable and Noble work in providing this awesome service.  I am very surprised to see some unexpected reactions from my friends towards my new status. I've made some new good friends but not bad ones.I have been respected from others. Once again I thank you all from my honourable heart. Keep up the good work and God bless."
Lord A - March 2005 - New Zealand

Just a line to let you know how pleased we are with our new titles that we purchased this year. We have had most of our accounts and cards changed over to the new title. Recently I was in London at a very smart hotel, when I booked in I was immediately upgraded to the hotels suite at no extra charge and they even threw in a bottle of champagne for myself and my wife. I have also recently been upgraded on a flight without even asking, that really is a first. Last month my wife bought a new car and the garage were falling over them selves to make us happy we got a £5000 reduction on the price.This was one of the best investments I have ever made.I have saved so much money since I obtained the title. I cant even begin to tell you how it changed our holiday when we were in Orlando recently we were really treated like royalty where ever we went.
Thankyou again for making it so easy and painless
Lord C., November 2003 - UK

You, and your company are amazing! When I read the testimonials part of your web page, I thought some of the people were just exaggerating, but your services are perfect. You really cater to the customer and that is awesome. I cannot thank you more. It's also great to hear that you could have the new papers out to my by Thursday. Thank you. I really appreciate all the hard work you put forth for your customers. Take care.
D. November 2003 - USA

A thousand thanks for your speedy and expert service, you really did take me by suprise. All the additional help with the certificates is so good.
Once again, many thanks.
Lord M. , October 2003 - UK

We today received our title deeds and Certificate of Title. This is just a note of thank you. We are absolutely delighted and intend to enjoy. You advised the process would take 2 - 3 weeks and you were good to your word to the day. The documentation is very classy. We would like to use our title for the first time to you.
Once again thank you.
Lord & Lady R. August 2003 - UK

A couple of months ago I placed an order with you for the title of Earl and Countess of ...... I must inform you of the complete satisfaction that my family and I owe you, for without your excellent service, we could not be where we are today.Thank you.
Earl of ..... April 2003 - UK"My wife and had the pleasure of using your service about two years ago and have not looked back since. Things certainly have been different for us since we established our new Titles, thank you for your wonderful service."
L.B. UK - March 2003

"Elite are a fantastic company who are only too willing to help their customers. Throughout the whole process of acquiring a Title, Andrew has been most helpful, answering countless emails. Well done Andrew and Elite!"
Happy Customer, New Zealand 2003

"Wonderful, Brilliant.....what a service, I am so impressed, you have made my year!!
Thank you
N.H. UK - February 2003

Received everything today. How wonderful.... You have been so wonderful to deal with. If there is anyhting I can do to extoll the merits of your product, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  Lady H. - USA, October 2002

We are so amazed at the look of our documentation, that we view it twice a day in sheer excitement. Your service was superb....
  Respectfully yours,
  Lord and Lady H. - USA, September 2002

Many thanks for all the documents, they arrived much sooner than we expected, and we are now in the process of changing all documents. Thanks once again for the excellent service, we shall be recommending you to one and all.
  Kind Regards
  G - UK Aug 2002

Today I received the (seated) title certificates ..... The quickness and efficiency of your service is amazing!
  The end result in presentation is dazzling. I am very grateful to you for all your help and assistance.
  I am obliged. Should I be of any help to you please let me know.
  All good wishes,
  B. - UK July 2002

"All seated title land registry documents etc. received thank you and now signed and witnessed with a celebration with a nice Bollinger!!!
You have been professional all the way through, always returned my many calls and emails with answers to my many and confused questions; you have been good as your word and got it all to me on the date you promised xxxx and I are absolutely delighted with what we have received.
Thank you,"
R. - G.B. June 2002

"Recieved all documents in tact, thank you so much, very impressive. In process of changing my legal documents. I recomend your company to anyone in this world, It has been a pleasure doing buisness with you."
kind regards,
I.A. - Australia, June 2002

"I would like to thank you for the prompt service I have received from yourself regarding the recent purchase of the title of Lord for my brother.This was a gift for him on the occassion of his 40th birthday and was very well received!
We will continue to recommend this excellent idea- we have found it to be the gift for the person who has everything!!!!"
D.W. - May 2002

"I have received all the document today, I have payed the option of having them faster, I never expected to have them between the time that you have informed me exactly. I big bravo to all of your associates"

Count D.C.B III - Greece, April 2002

"We received all of the documentation with a great deal of pleasure. Please accept our thanks for making everything such an easy process..."
D.D. Canada - March 2002

"I have looked over the documents and I can say that I am amazed over all of them. The detail and look of each is amazing. My children will be proud of these, as I am."
N.G. USA - March 2002

"Loving it, best tables best seats, best everything, infact the best £200 i've ever spent, well nearly."
Lord G.C.
UK - August 2001

"many thanks. I've all the documents and I'm very happy."
Best regards,
Italy - August 2001

"We received our Titles today and we are so pleased with them. We would recommend your service to all who required it. Thank you."
Yours truly
Lord and Lady F
UK - July 2001

"Thank You for the speedy and efficient way in which you handled the processing of my application. The government agencies in Devon seem to operate far more effectively than they do in the West of London.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your companies services to anyone.
Thank You once again"
UK - 2001

"Received all five items.
They look wonderful! Thank you!"
UK - 2001

"Many thanks for dealing with all the title arrangements, everything went perfect and I am delighted with the end result and your efficient procedure, thanks"
USA - 2001

"Thank you for all your help in the Title process. I received my paperwork this morning and I am now in the process of changing all my documents. I will recommend you to all I know who what that little bit extra from life. I have already started receving the appropriate treatment from whom I have informed.
Once again thanks"
Lord A.T.
UK - 2001

"I would firstly like thank you for your superb and efficient service. I received my documents on the requested date and would just like to check a few details with you."
Lady R
UK - 2001

"Finally, I can only repeat my immense gratitude for all your professionalism, courtesy, geniality, and helpfulness with this matter. Truly a great pleasure doing business with you.
Yours faithfully"
UK - 2001

"Many thanks for your excellent service, the package arrived Saturday, perfect timing. I applied for my passport last week and received it back in two days with my title, which was a great relief! Many thanks again for a job well done. One of my business colleagues in London will be contacting you shortly as I informed him of your excellent service.
With kind regards,"
Lord HC

Thank you Andrew!! The packages arrived Friday, I can't wait until Christmas to make my gift-----------I have enjoyed my new status immensely!
Countess L.

Thank you very much for your confirmation. I am sure you here this a lot but thanks to your company I beleive I will definately win on the Christmas and birthday present stakes this year.
Yours sincerely
Very smug.

I am very pleased with my new Title and the documents.....

Thank you for your prompt response to our e-mails. It's a nice feeling doing business with a company such as yours.

I am pleased with the doors this title has opened for me.
Lord JMB

"I thank you again for your patience with the entire transaction as well as your help in my decision making process. You'll definitely come highly recommended when I speak of you to my friends."

"Thanks, a pleasure doing business with you."
A.C. Italy

"Two packages of doc